Tips for Wearing Booties With Jeans or Leggings

In the south, boots are a year-round fashion must-have. They don't retire, no matter the weather or occasion. They are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. However, as winter officially kicks in to bring us into the new year, there's no better time to strut your style.

Boots play a quintessential part in winter fashion aesthetics, especially when paired with jeans and leggings. One of the most popular options—aside from the tried and true cowboy boots—is booties. These ankle-cut shoes come in many styles and make great additions to any winter wardrobe. Here are three top tips for wearing booties with jeans or leggings to keep your outfits looking chic all the way through to the next year.

Avoid Bunching and Bulking Around the Ankles

A seamless transition between your leggings or jeans and your booties creates a more cohesive final appearance. For a streamlined look, avoid bunching and bulking around the ankles. It naturally appeals to the human eye, allowing it to travel smoothly down your outfit without major distractions.

Pair your booties with fitted jeans or leggings that have minimal ankle material to prevent bunching and easy tucking abilities. If you have cuffed bottoms, make sure to keep them between half an inch to an inch and try to make them lay flat rather than rolled. If you plan on wearing thick socks to keep your feet cozy, make sure they don't push at the seams of your boots or bunch up at the top like a '70s leg warmer. Too much bulkiness and bunching adds frumpiness and ruins the fluidity of your look.

Create Length With Monochromatic Pairings

Accentuate your height with a monochromatic ensemble. Matching the color of your leggings or jeans with your booties gives you legs for days. It creates an optical illusion, blurring where your legs end and where your feet begin. To further emphasize your length and drag one's line of sight, opt for pointed-toed boots. Black works best, but all-white looks also work.

Show Off the Tops of Your Socks With Lace Ups

In general, when it comes to wearing socks with booties, low-cut and ankle variations work best. They eliminate the risk of bunching and bulking up where your pants and boots meet. However, lace-up boots give you an exception. Their detailing already texturizes the bottom half of your look. Plus, they typically offer a more tapered and tight fit around the ankle, tying everything together.

Wearing socks that peek out at the top of your laced boot's shaft adds another detail element to your look. This choice also accentuates the cozy vibes. Again, when picking the right socks, avoid ones with a lot of bulkiness and cuff them flat instead of rolling them to keep that seamless look.

Style the ultimate cozy winter look to end this year and start the new one fashionably with these three top tips for wearing booties with jeans or leggings. Avoid unflattering bulkiness and minimize bunching, elongate your legs with a monochromatic pairing, and peep your adorable socks with some lace-ups. To try your hand at these booties' styling tips, get yourself a chic pair from Two Cumberland's selection of boutique shoes online. Find the perfect booties for you and your wardrobe and create seamless winter outfits.

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