Tips for Storing Your Favorite Designer Handbag

Why do people care about designer bags? Well, like Lamborghinis and Teslas, or food at a Michelin five-star restaurant, they indulge you in top-quality experiences. Designer handbags feature carefully selected materials, colors, fabrics, and functionality, making them luxurious and the perfect multifaceted accessories for your outfit.

Akin to many luxury items worth keeping around, designer bags require a little bit of extra care to stay in their prime and maintain all the loveable features that make them a worthy wardrobe investment. Keep your favorite designer handbag in top shape with some storage tips, and enjoy your luxury fashion investment for years to come.

Cover It With a Dust Bag

When you purchase designer bags, most of the time, you get two bags for the price of one—your designer handbag and a dust bag. The latter is specifically designed to protect your designer purchase from getting scratched, scuffed, or dust-ridden.

Keeping your designer handbag secured in a dust bag makes sure your luxury investment stays safe and preserved when not in use. It minimizes dust exposure, reduces physical damage, and protects against rodents or curious pets. Cover your designer tote with a dust bag to give it a safe and nice home to enjoy when it’s on break from being your fashionable sidekick.

Stuff It With Acid-Free Tissue Paper

From the baguette and the bowler to the tote and satchel, handbags embody multiple shapes that influence the appearance of your overall outfit look. The shape of a handbag is a key design feature.

Stuffing your collection of designers with acid-free tissue paper makes sure your bags maintain their iconic shapes over time. It minimizes creasing, sagging, and folding bottoms, among many other deformations. Acid-free tissue paper offers the most cost-effective stuffing solution, but there are many ways to stuff your designer handbags, from pillow purse inserts to white towels and plain packing paper.

Pro Tip: Avoid overstuffing your bag to prevent stretching. Make sure you provide enough stuffing to fill the bag’s shape and close any clasps or zippers with ease.

Monitor Storage Temperature Control

Whether you are storing food, furniture pieces, or a designer handbag, temperature control is an essential component to successful storage and maintenance. High heat causes your designer purses to sag more. Humidity leads to potential mold growth. Cold temperatures dry out leather and cause cracking. Monitor the temperature and atmospheric conditions of your bags’ storage space.

Use Spacious Shelving for Storage

Fashion icons capture the attention of a room and fill the space. As the stars of luxury fashion, designer handbags also require a lot of space to dominate. Keeping them contained in small and compact spaces increases their chances of losing their iconic shapes, creasing, and other damages. Use spacious shelving when storing your designer handbags to provide them with plenty of room to occupy without hindering their features.

Knowing how to properly store your favorite designer handbags allows you to enjoy all that the luxurious fashion accessories offer. Investing in a designer product is a life-changing commitment. They treat you to new experiences and looks. Relish your favorite boutique tote bags from Two Cumberland for many years to come with these four top tips on storing your designer handbags.

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