TikTok’s 3-Word Method Is Key for Unlocking Personal Style

From entertainment to tips to hacks, TikTok is your one-stop shop for all your information needs. The social media platform generates and houses multiple communities, sharing all kinds of content.

What’s the best TikTok corner to enjoy? We recommend the fashion community. Many fashionistas, stylists, and influencers offer great advice that enhances your wardrobe and styling techniques. TikTok’s fashion community also sparks style trends, keeping you fashionable and up to date for your personal runway. The latest fashion hack and trend merging from TikTok is the three-word styling method—the key to unlocking personal style.

The Power of Words and Self Identity

TikTok’s three-word method is a styling technique created by New York fashion stylist Allison Bornstein. The method involves choosing three adjectives that encapsulate an aesthetic you want to achieve, how you identify, or your current wardrobe selection. Those three words encompass your personal style and guide you on what fashionable finds to buy.

Choosing Your Three Words

Choosing your three words depends on whether you want to change or identify your current style. For the latter, you can find your three words by looking at your current wardrobe. Analyze your selection and find common similarities between your clothes. You might choose flowy as one of your three words if your wardrobe includes a lot of long and billowy sleeves. If you want to achieve a different or specific aesthetic, choose three adjectives that sum up your desired style.

Unlocking Your Personal Style

The three words you choose make up your personal style and generate a shopping and styling criteria. At Two Cumberland, our three adjectives are southern, charming, and chic. If any or all of your words match ours, our selection of southern women’s clothing online offers just what you need to unlock your personal style. The three words you choose help you figure out what to look for when styling or buying clothes.

TikTok’s three-word method is key to unlocking your personal style. The styling method helps you identify your fashion aesthetic and gives you guidelines on how to achieve it. Using three words that encapsulate your style essence streamlines your styling process and allows you to maintain your identity. Try the three-word styling method and curate outfits that look good and encapsulate who you are.

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