These Are the Hottest Colors for Fall 2023

Every year new hues make their way onto the runway, setting the tone for upcoming trends and curating looks worth recreating in everyday wardrobes. The shades change with the seasons, encapsulating the essences of certain times of the year and allowing people to dress in a way that complements their surroundings.

Like autumnal leaves, fall colors come in many possible hues, giving you plenty of stylistic looks to explore and play with. Check out four of the hottest colors for fall 2023 and upgrade your wardrobe with the trendiest seasonal shades.

Rich Chocolate Brown

Adding a chocolate drizzle to your coffee, sundae, or milkshake enhances your decadent treat with rich sweetness. At the 2023 Fashion Weeks, rich chocolate browns made their way into fall 2023 lookbooks for many designers, from Bottega Veneta to Hermés.

The deep brown made notable statements on the runway, whether the hue was part of a leather coat or a silky skirt. Any shade of brown generates an earthy neutral that pairs well with plenty of other fashionable details. This Fall, a rich chocolate brown gives you a versatile, vibrant neutral that sweetens your autumnal look with a new take on the season’s classic—earthy tones.

Vibrant Fiery Red

Speaking of classic autumnal shades, another must-have hue for fall 2023 is a fiery red that odes to the traditional warm fall palette. Reds are no strangers to fall trends. However, instead of their usual burnt and muted tones, designers like Genny and Valentino bring vibrant and fiery red shades into the mix.

A rich red makes a statement. Like a roaring flame, a fiery red color illuminates its surroundings, bringing all attention to its bright and blazing radiance. Stand out against the muted, earthy tones of fall and rock a fiery red.

Icy Lavender Cobalt

Pantone is the leader in color analysis and accuracy. Fashion designers turn to them for the perfect shades for their runway looks. This year, Pantone highlighted a Persian jewel color as a popular design choice for fall 2023. Although cooler tones aren’t a usual fall shade, this year, the Persian jewel’s lavender-tinged cobalt has joined the usually warm pallets for a frosty touch to the season.

Midnight Eclipse

Shaded dark blues that are near black are another not-so-typical shade emerging in the fall trends. Many designers used a midnight eclipse color to form sophisticated fits, perfect for fall time in metropolitan hubs. Wearing a dark neutral hue makes your surrounding’s autumnal colors pop, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the season—while also looking stylishly classy.

Don’t miss out on the hottest colors for fall 2023! These trendy colors will make you look fashionable no matter the occasion, whether you are styling a casual autumnal day look or a cozy night-out outfit. Get ready for fall with other seasonal styling favorites and shop for some chic, summer-to-fall transitional women’s shorts online. With the right shades and wardrobe pieces, you can take on the second half of 2023 in style.

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