The Top 10 Fashion Content Creators in 2023

Fashion magazines boomed in popularity between the 19th and 20th centuries and continued their reign throughout the early 2000s. People relied on fashion magazines as their go-to source for fashion advice. Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and La Mode Illustrée covered style hacks, trends, and an array of shopping catalogs featuring all the trendiest wardrobe must-haves of the season. Flipping through fashion magazines was the highlight of sleepovers and night-in entertainment.

Nowadays, Tik Tok, Instagram, and multiple other social media sites dominate fashion journalism, providing tons of content to explore. Instead of flipping paper pages, we are swiping through posts to get all our essential style tips and tricks. For the best current fashion and style resources, check out these top 10 fashion content creators of 2023.

Fashion Gurus

Fashion gurus are experts in the field of fashion and style. Compared with other content creators, they have a professional background or thorough knowledge of specific fashion knowledge. Fashion gurus create informational and educational content.

Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell looks like Marilyn Monroe and knows all the secrets to vintage fashion, especially styles in the 1950s. Chiswell’s content takes you back in time to explore some blasts of fashion’s past, providing you with vintage fashion style tips, lookbooks, and fun facts. If you love Monroe’s classic Hollywood glam style, Chiswell has all the resources you need to recreate it.

Denise Mercedes

Denise Mercedes is a content creator who also models and designs clothes. However, their rich background in the industry isn’t the only reason they’re a fashion guru. Mercedes is an expert in teaching about body positivity and styling clothes in a way that suits you without comprise. Their Tik Tok page overflows with content showcasing the same looks on different people. Mercedes reminds people that you don’t need to change your body to wear certain clothes—it just depends on how you style a look.

Allison Bornstein

Who better to get fashion advice from than a professional styling consultant? Allison Bornstein holds a reputable styling portfolio, creating looks for A-listers like Katie Holmes and multiple elite fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. Bornstein offers styling assistance services and shares lots of different fashion and wardrobe tips and tricks on social media.

Creative Designers

Fashion designers initiate the styling process, creating the pieces and components you use to style different looks. The decisions designers make affect multiple aspects of your final outfit, such as its functionality, durability, texture, color, and shape. Gaining insight into the mind and perspective of a designer expands your view on fashion and styling capabilities.

Joe Ando-Hirsh

Joe Ando-Hirsh initially gained a lot of popularity for designing outfits for his girlfriend. Now, his content includes many other design projects. Ando-Hirsh provides lots of fruitful content on the behind-the-scenes of making clothes. He shows every step of the process, from the sketching to the sewing. Watching Ando-Hirsh conceptualize and bring his outfit visions to life gives you a new perspective on fashion.

Kiana Bonollo

Like Joe Ando-Hirsh, Kiana Bonollo creates bountiful content on the designing process. Bonollo shares every little detail and consideration she makes. She goes into depth on her material choices, her decisions to include or discard certain embellishments, and how she goes about styling the kind of clothes she makes. Bonollo’s fashion content covers it all!

Influential Fashionistas

2023’s fashion movement encourages people to lean into their personalities and really explore fashion as a means of self-expression. Therefore, many influencers in the fashion industry are emphasizing the importance of building a connection to your look. After all, fashion and clothes offer so much more than just visual appeal.

April Lockhart

Most influencers fit a certain mold and look, but fashion and content creation are for everyone. April Lockhart is an influential fashionista who encourages disability awareness and education. Lockhart’s content showcases lots of trendy looks and outfits while aiming to remind people that everyone is different.

Venetia La Manna

Sustainable fashion combines environmental activism with fashion. Venetia La Manna constantly advocates for ethical and eco-friendly fashion on her social media pages. She encourages people to shop second-hand, make the most of their wardrobes, and transform the fashion industry for the better. La Manna’s content gives you lots of second-hand styling tips and old outfit-of-the-day lookbooks to enjoy.

Style Inspiration

Style inspirations motivate you to stay passionate about fashion, all while giving you outfit ideas and plenty of content to add to your mood board. Following fashion influencers is today’s equivalent to cutting out your favorite looks from magazine pages and collaging them on your wall. Three style inspirations worth following on social media include the following individuals.

Nadia Anya

Do you like to dress for sophistication and class? Nadia Anya’s style encapsulates a sleek, modern, and minimalistic aesthetic. Their social pages overflow with simple yet chic outfit ideas styled for different seasons and occasions. Following Anya gives you a reliable fashion resource with plenty of style inspiration in the form of reels, outfit-of-the-day posts, and long Youtube videos.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song joined the fashion content creation lifestyle in 2008, sharing style advice and different looks on Youtube. Song provides lots of style inspiration in multiple forms, from clothing hauls to fashion week vlogs. Whether you need specific advice—like how to wear strappy sandals—or just want the inside scoop on an influencer’s wardrobe collection, Aimee Song is the fashion inspiration for you.

Deanna Giulietti

Deanna Giulietti, also known as the “CEO of the OO-TA-DAH,” has millions of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. Giulietti is famous for her outfit-of-the-day videos and try-on hauls, giving you an array of inspiration and outfits to recreate. As a popular influencer, Giulietti posts regularly, providing you with lots of fresh content and fashionable resources worth exploring.

Stay stylish, fashionably knowledgeable, and inspired with these top 10 fashion content creators of 2023. Each of these influencers broadens your perspective on fashion with their tips, facts, and messages. Whether you need help finding your fashion confidence or want to explore different aspects of the fashion community, these content creators will curate the perfect FYP on your social media.

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The Top 10 Fashion Content Creators in 2023

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