The Best Summer Fabrics To Beat the Heat

The Best Summer Fabrics To Beat the Heat

There are many reasons to love fashion and clothes. Designing outfits lets you explore your creativity and self-expression, and wearing them protects you from external factors, like weather and various environments. Summer attire should make you look and feel cool as you tap into the multifunctionality of clothes. Here are some of the best summer fabrics to consider when styling summer fits built to beat the heat and look your best.

Keep Cool With Cotton

Many designers use cotton fabric due to its weather versatility and high accessibility. Cotton fabrics suit all seasons and temps, but they outshine the most in the summertime. Their natural fibers allow air circulation to pass through the fabric, ventilating out heat and bringing in cooler air. They also soak up moisture and provide loser fittings, preventing your clothes from sticking to your skin when sweating.

Breathe With Linen

Linen helps you beat the heat with its lightweight and airy properties. Like cotton and other summer fabrics, linen consists of natural fibers that maximize the airflow and breathability of the fabric. Linen also feels softer to the touch than other materials, making it a comfortable item to wear and move in. As a bonus, linen clothes further benefit you in the summertime as one of the easiest items to pack for vacation due to their flexible and light materialistic features. However, they tend to wrinkle easily, but with a quick iron or spritz of water, they flatten back into a clean, smooth state.

Choose Chambray Over Denim

During the late 1920s and 1930s onto the early 2000s, denim rose to fame in the Western world. It started out as factory workwear, popular cowboy apparel, and a 2000s popstar’s go-to clothing feature. It later transpired into a popular, everyday fashion staple. However, denim provides a thick woven material, providing very little breathing room. An alternative to denim in the summertime is chambray. This denim look-alike offers a high-thread count consisting of a finer weave and breathable properties. Chambray lets you create summer-friendly versions of denim outfits, providing the same appeal as regular denim attire without sacrificing comfort.

Stay Dry and Fit With Polyester

Dri-Fit fabrics do just as their name suggests; they keep you dry and fit. They provide a tighter fit without feeling suffocating or sticking onto your body when drenched in sweat. Dri-Fit clothes use polyester and microfiber fabrics that absorb moisture, offer lightweight materials, and create lots of room to breathe. Typically, polyester and microfiber fabrics feature in more high-quality and athletic clothes. If you plan on being super active this summer, dress in dri-fit attire to keep you cool and flexible during movement.

Other summer-friendly fabrics to consider wearing include rayon, silk, and blended clothing. All of the best fabrics for summer offer lightweight, breathable, and flowy or moveable materials that’ll keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. Aside from choosing the best fabrics, selecting clothing items like skirts, shorts, or tank tops create outfits that’ll further keep you cool under the summer sun. Two Cumberland offers southern skirts fit for the southern summers and high heat, made from various summer-friendly materials and cut to maximize mobility and breathability. Enjoy the warm weather while still looking and feeling cool with the right fabrics and clothes designed to beat the heat.

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