Stylish Ways to Wear Sneakers With Skirts This Fall

Stylish Ways to Wear Sneakers With Skirts This Fall

Wearing sneakers is a trend that never seems to go away! This comfy, sporty, and fashionable footwear has taken the world by storm. You can wear sneakers with pretty much anything. But strangely, it's rare to see someone sporting sneakers and a skirt at the same time.

We tend to associate sneakers with casual, sporty looks. On the other hand, skirts are what you wear when you want to look fancy and feminine. Their near-opposite aesthetics tend to keep people from pairing them together, but they don't always clash. Here are some stylish ways to wear sneakers with skirts this fall that will make you rethink the relationship between these two pieces.

Look Professional

Need something professional enough to wear to the office but comfortable enough that you won't feel achy or sweaty by the end of the workday? Consider pairing an elegant pleated skirt with a light sweater and slip-on sneakers.

Slip-on sneakers look more sophisticated than regular sneakers because they don't have shoelaces. In fact, they look convincingly similar to loafers, which are among the more professional kinds of footwear!

Keep It Casual

Another stylish way to wear sneakers with skirts this fall is to go casual with denim. To create a relaxed and chic sneaker and skirt outfit, pair a denim miniskirt with a plain sweater or blouse and a pair of chunky sneakers.

Is the weather forecast predicting brumal temperatures? You can throw on a simple blazer, coat, or jacket for extra warmth. Finish the ensemble off with a cozy scarf and some long socks or tights.

Party On

You can't wear sneakers to a party—can you? Most people associate parties with fancier footwear, such as heels and bedazzled sandals. But you'd be surprised by how well sneakers fare on the party scene.

Sneakers can add contrast to your party outfit and make it more unique. As a bonus, sneakers are way easier to dance in than heels and sandals! Pair a cute metallic dress or blazer with sneakers that have some bling. Metallic and rhinestone sneakers can easily become the life of the party.

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