Spring & Summer Fashion Trends Coming in 2023

Springtime overflows with new beginnings. It indicates a new seasonal cycle, offers fresh blooms, and sparks a change in fashion trends. As you clean your closet, making room for the latest styles in season, there’s much to get excited about as 2023 takes off in full swing.

Get your closet ready for the warmer months in more ways than breaking out your hibernating shorts. Here are some of the top spring and summer fashion trends coming in 2023 and how they influence a change in the fashion community.

2023 Thematic Trends

Last year, designers took their spring and summer collections from the page to the runway for the iconic annual fashion weeks that set predictions for next year’s trends. To spark the spirit of 2023, designers brought fearlessness, confidence, meaning, and experimentalism to the stage of their runways. Between Manel Torres’s notable spray-on dress to Gabriela Hearsts’s powerful collection that blended well-known activists with her art, 2023 trends showcase a time for breaking multiple barriers.

Spring and Summer 2023 Predictions

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics unveil barriers, literally. They give you a sneak peek behind the curtain while still enticing a sense of mystery with their tint. As a top—or only—layer to an outfit, a sheer fabric provides texture, uniqueness, and a mix of flirtatious, whimsical, and sophisticated essence.

On top of meeting the quota for 2023’s thematics of breaking barriers, sheer fabrics also hit the mark on providing warm-weather functionality. They let the breeze in, keeping you cool and able to make the most of spring and summer warmth.

Low-Rise Waists

Low-rise waists are no new addition to the fashion world. They first made their mark in the industry in the 2000s, becoming staple looks for many famous pop culture starlets of that era, from Britney spears and Paris Hilton to Rihanna. Now, they are back again to defy gravity with the continued reign of Y2K aesthetics.

Low-rise waists elongate the torso, add a little risqué flair to a fit, and—like sheer fabrics—pull back the curtain to reveal a little more. You might pair your low-waist bottoms with a crop top or prefer a more modest approach. Regardless, many designers, from Stella McCartney to Givenchy, desire to bring the low-rise back for more than just an ode to the 2000s. The style is getting a modernized upgrade with accompanying cutouts, sleek hems, and bold pairings.

Futuristic Details

Sharp lines and shapes are a classic futuristic feature as they resemble the outlines of boxy metals, robots, and technology. Despite the lack of flying cars, 2023 is the future many imagined, with its AI capabilities and technological upgrades. Now, fashion is hopping on the trend with designs that encapsulate the essence of stereotypical visions of the future with distinct shapes and neon touches. Look out for square skirts, shoulders and sleeves that stick out, and lots of clean lines over softer, flowy hemming.

Crisp Tailoring

In tandem with sharp shapes and lines, 2023 spring and summer collections also feature crisp tailoring. As a manifestation of the thematic goal of fearlessness and confidence, blazers make a staple 2023 must-have for spring and summer. They represent power and sophistication and provide added warmth. When paired with a short dress or skirt, they create a chic powerhouse look that combines play and work, fit for relaxing summers and productive springs.

Metallic Touches

Another futuristic design element brought into 2023 fashion is metallic touches. From shiny fabrics and ornate sequins to chain-like weaving and hues of silver and gold, spring and summer trends are bringing on the metallic shine. They generate unique and bold outfits that’ll capture the seasons’ sun and spread the warmth.

Two-Piece Sets

Two is better than one. Outfit sets are expanding beyond the depths of matching top and bottom joggers. They are getting more sophisticated:

  • Tube tops paired with maxi skirts
  • Mini skirts and corset tops
  • Textured blouses with formal pants
  • Blazers and mini dresses or skirts

Like rompers, two-piece sets streamline the getting-ready process, giving you a head-to-toe outfit within seconds. However, unlike a one-and-done one-piece outfit, a set of two still gives you the flexibility to mix and match. Cohesive and monochromatic outfits style fierce looks that embody power in unity.

Bigger Blooms

Flowers and floral are a classic spring and summer wardrobe staple. They encapsulate the nature of the warmer seasons and bring in lots of colors. This year, the blooms are getting bigger and bolder. Spring and summer floral prints feature denser patterns, transforming fabrics into mirrors of wildflower fields, and flowers are embellishing outfits with three-dimensional decoration. 2023 gives more power to the flowers, enhancing this classic warm-weather fashion trend.

Ballet Core

Ballerinas embody grace, feminity, and soft beauty. In comparison to the loud and vibrant essence of a majority of 2023 fashion trends, ballet core provides a contrasting look. Like Cottagecore and other whimsical style aesthetics, ballet core features soft pastels and fabrics. It includes flowy designs and strappy elements that mirror tie-up pointe shoes.

Despite contrasting with the other bold looks of 2023, ballet core still sticks to the themes of the year. Ballerinas exude confidence and power. Their discipline and hard work in their craft show their fearlessness. Their soft color palette also ties in perfectly with classic summer and spring staples.

Other Rising Trends

Other rising fashion trends of spring and summer to look out for include:

  • Baggy denim
  • Creative cutouts
  • Puffy and bubble sleeves
  • Frills and feathers
  • Drop waists
  • Layered looks

How To Stay on Trend This Year

Stay in style with these spring and summer fashion trends coming in 2023 and put together outfits that break barriers, exude confidence, and express who you are without limitations. You may be making new moves and experimenting with textures—metallic embellishments and sheer fabrics—or sticking to warm-weather classics like florals and pastels. No matter which you choose, there are many ways to style trendy looks for spring and summer.

At Two Cumberland, we offer a mix of trendy wardrobe must-haves that feature many of the different style elements of this year’s rising trends and classics of the seasons. Shop our southern boutique clothing store and enjoy this new year in style.

Spring & Summer Fashion Trends Coming in 2023

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