Office Outfits: Here’s What To Wear To Work This Summer

Office Outfits: Here’s What To Wear To Work This Summer

Although many would prefer to enjoy summer with a long vacation under the sun and warm weather, sometimes reality says otherwise, and you need to grind during summertime. When you’d rather be lying on the beach, swimming in a pool, or exploring new places, working in an office during summer doesn’t come with much appeal.

However, you can feel more confident, motivated, and enlightened to power through summer work with the right outfit. Whether you have a summer internship or a year-round, full-time job, explore this guide on what to wear to work this summer to make the most of summertime ambiences and get through the grind.

Business Formal

Business formal dress codes follow strict guidelines, limiting creativity and different fashionable fits. Adding different color palettes and textures to your outfit allows you to add some summer fun to your look while still complying with the dress code. Diverging from the usual plain grays, navy, and black helps enhance your business-formal looks to a more summertime aesthetic.

Professional-looking color options to consider include maroon, dark purple, forest green, beige, and certain pastels. Look for blazers, dress shirts, pants, dresses, and pencil skirts with mini cross thatching, woven fabrics, and thin stripes for some texture. Another simple and style-upgrade to implement for your summer work look is finding blazers and trousers with different cut styles and buttons.

Business Professional

Stepping down from the stringency of business formal dress codes, business professional allows you to style a wider range of work looks as long as they meet set lengths, fitting, and more conservative features. Add some summer flair to your business-professional apparel, and style a look featuring colors, florals, and embellished materials. Create an outfit with a floral printed button-up, blazer, dress, or dress trousers as an ode to the summer blooms and warm weather outdoors.

Another way to mix up a business-professional look is to switch up the pants. Paper bag pants adhere to work-appropriate lengths and fitting, and you can embellish the look with a fun bow in the front and a ruffled waist lining.

Business Causal

Business casual lets you dress to impress without hard-bearing regulations. It allows you to style outfits with blouses, jeans, t-shirts, flowy dresses or skirts, and various jackets. This summer, one popular fashion trend rising the ranks is textured and embellished blouses and sleeves.

There are numerous textured style arrangements to explore for a summer business casual look, from flutter and ruffle to peplum-style designs. Two Cumberland offers a range of boutique blouses online that feature elaborate sleeve designs that add a little extra flair to an outfit in various material compositions.

Casual Work Attire

Casual work attire offers the most relaxed dress code. It allows you to wear almost anything as long as you look presentable. Casual dress codes let you wear various colors, patterns, textures, fabrics, and cuttings.

Create outfits with bright colors, floral patterns, and flowy fabrics as an ode to summertime and get you in the summer feel. If you plan on taking your breaks and lunch outside to enjoy the summer weather, make the most of the casual work attire freedom and style your outfit with comfortable summer shoes.

Styling certain office outfits and deciding what to wear to work this summer can change how you feel at work. Implementing some summer style tips, brighter colors, and patterns to your work look will enhance your summer working experience and allow you to still enjoy some summertime vibes in the office.

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