Get Ready Now: Fall Fashion Trends for 2022

Get Ready Now: Fall Fashion Trends for 2022

With July in the past, it's finally time to get ready for fall as this hot and grueling summer approaches the end of its yearly run. For many, the fall reigns as the ultimate season. As the middle ground between summer and winter, it produces the perfect weather—not too hot and not too cold. As Goldilocks would say, "it's just right." Along with its ideal forecasts, fall also brings the start of numerous seasonal festivities, from pumpkin patches and cinnamon-spiced goodies to Halloween. It also means it's time to break out those sweaters and start shifting your closet collection. Get ready for the season now and discover the top three fall fashion trends for 2022.

Liminal Outfits

Nowadays, summer likes to linger. It keeps the temperature warm later in the year and produces impromptu summer days in the middle of fall, sometimes straight after a chilly week. Since fall is both literally and figuratively the season of transitions, liminal outfits make the best autumnal attire. Liminal or in-between outfits feature a combination of warm and cold weather fashion staples.

This year, pairing shorts with a cozy sweater and boots creates the perfect fall look. Wearing boutique shorts brings a touch of summer. Meanwhile, the cozy sweater and boots address the fall air. Other liminal outfits include leggings and a tank, short sweater dresses, and turtleneck short-sleeved shirts and skirts paired with boots and a warm jacket.

Day Wear Robes

On the fall runway, designers brought fluffy robes out from the back of your bathroom door and into the streets. Like a mix between a trenchcoat and a fur jacket, day wear robes create cozy wrap outerwear fit for those colder fall forecasts. Their design includes signature robe-like features, including long and wide collars, thick waist wraps that tie at the front, and a blanket-esque material base. Day robes paired with heeled boots and a dress transform a cozy, luxurious bathroom wear accessory into a stylish, warm street look.

Horse Girl Aesthetics

Every year, trends and aesthetics cycle through, changing the latest popular looks of any season. In 2022, fall trends point towards the horse girl aesthetic as the most recent up-and-coming style essence. Horse girl aesthetic isn't the formal name of the trend, but many fashion items featured in this new aesthetic include pieces commonly worn by equestrians. This year, the must-have fall essentials include knee-high riding boots, high-waisted pants paired with a tucked-in long-sleeved button-up, long waistcoats, and slim gloves.

Prepping your wardrobe now for 2022's fall fashion trends ensures you and your closet stay on the front lines of the fashion scene. From mixed-matched seasonal attire to up-and-coming equestrian-inspired aesthetics, this year's fall fashion is mixing it up from the usual leggings and sweater combo. Whether you hop on board with the trends or stick to your own style, Two Cumberland offers a range of clothes online that'll set you up with some fall basics, and more!

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