Color Trends 2022: 6 Springy Shades You Need in Your Closet

Color Trends 2022: 6 Springy Shades You Need in Your Closet

Spring has sprung, and so have the seasonal color trends. From Versace to Christian Siriano, many luxury fashion designers and companies took to the runway to showcase their 2022 fashion styles for spring. This year, many vibrant and color-popping shades took center stage. They encapsulate many favored symbols and features of springtime, including nature, citrus fruits, and brightness. To help you find the best springtime outfits and stay in style this season, check out this guide on the color trends of 2022. We’ll cover six springy shades you need in your closet.

Lime Green

For a little bit of extra flavor this spring, hop in trend with lime green clothing. Lime green makes any outfit into a statement. Not only does it reflect springtime's energy, but this neon green also acts as an ode to luscious spring greenery. On the runway, styling applications for incorporating this highlighted spring shade included lime green blazers, pantsuits, and dresses. Other popular implementations of the color are patterned or graphic tee shirts, loose-fitted dress pants, hoodies, and various accessories like hats and shoes.

Aside from featuring the green in your clothes and accessories, wearing lime green nail polish offers another highly-favored way to show off the electric hue in looks. Before becoming a 2022 color trend, lime green used to only make frequent appearances at music festivals and in 80s throwback aesthetics. With its rise in popularity, many people are assimilating the color into casual looks. Billie Eilish continuously rocks this statement shade, offering lots of style inspiration for a grungy and casual look.

Vibrant Yellow

Springtime holds a special place in many people's hearts because it's the time of year when they say goodbye to colder weather and hello to sunnier skies. Lemon and vibrant shades of yellow mirror the warmer weather, spring sunshine, and all the joy this season brings to people. Vibrant yellow is among the popular citrus-inspired shades and is making a trending appearance this spring.

Yellow is no stranger to spring trends, and this year, the brighter the shade, the better. Unlike its muted pastel counterparts, vibrant yellow creates bolder and more characterized looks. It straddles the line between luminescent highlights and an earthy, sand-like ambiance with its deeper and warmer appearance. Furthermore, a vibrant yellow raincoat is a classic look and fits perfectly with those spring showers.

Sunset Orange

Sunset orange joins its fellow citrus family members in the limelight this spring. Its addition to the season's color collection reflects a focus on enhancing and symbolizing the warmth of springtime. Many 2022 clothing pieces that feature this season's orange combine the fruity, warm hue with various textures, from feathered crop tops to sheer linen pieces.

Like vibrant yellow, sunset orange balances a mix of earthy and neon aspects. Its undertones mirror warm clay-like coloring and sunset-esque hues in darker shades. In lighter and brighter tones, oranges radiate a neon blaze. The latter color complexions work well with silks and satin fabrics, creating a firey look that catches shimmers under the sun's glare. On the other hand, earthier oranges complement more casual outfits and work more easily with other color pairings.

Bubblegum Pink

Moving away from the fruity and citrus-inspired colors, the next hot pop of color trending right now is bubblegum pink. This bold color has a rich history of making it onto the trend list. Its presence in fashion dates all the way back to Ancient India, Imperial China, and the 18th century in the West. People who wore bubblegum pink outfits held a high social status since making pink dyes required lavish ingredients in the past. One of the most famous and historical occurrences of bubblegum pink in fashion is when Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" in a now-classic bubblegum pink silk dress and gloves.

All shades of pink add a feminine touch to an outfit, and the brighter and bolder the pink, the more power it exudes. Compared to the other neon and vibrant colors trending this season, the various bubblegum shades of pink pair with numerous clothing pieces, outfits, and styles. They can add a pop of color to a floral print, emit a flair of sexiness in a tight mini skirt or crop top, and showcase innocence in a flowy maxi dress.

Soft Lilac

As an ode to the abundance of sprouting and blooming flora spring brings, soft lilac makes its way into spring's color collection. Unlike its neon and vibrant fellow color trendsetters, soft lilac adds more muted and pastel tones to this year's mix. In the past, pastels reigned as the main colors of springtime. Although 2022 features and focuses on more luminescent shades, the color palette wouldn't be the same without some pastels.

Soft lilac complements the still-trending cottagecore aesthetic and natural styles. It creates youthful, fresh, and whimsical ambiances. Like pink, lilac works with various color pairings and clothing items. It often best matches with whites and other shades of soft purples. Although it's commonly taboo to wear one color in an entire outfit, a head-to-toe solid color fit works perfectly with soft lilac and other shades of purple.

Sky Blue

In line with soft lilac, sky blue offers a more muted and softer appearance among this year's color trends. Like lilac, sky blue creates youthful looks and works well with most of the more whimsical fashion styles. It also works well in head-to-toe single-colored outfits and various textures, ranging from satin to wool.

As its name suggests, sky blue mirrors clear cloudless skies, making it a great representative of springtime. A bonus feature of wearing sky blue in outfits is that it highlights naturally light-colored eyes that are blue, green, or gray.

Whether you’re looking for southern women's dresses or a night-out top, these color trends of 2022 include six springy shades you need in your closet, regardless of the type of clothing piece, outfit, or occasion. They emulate spring's ambiance of brightness, joy, and fruitfulness. With this year's vibrant color palette, you can create an array of outfits that can be grungey, powerful, whimsical, or youthful.

Color Trends 2022: 6 Springy Shades You Need in Your Closet

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