5 Tips for Styling Different Looks With Long Skirts

5 Tips for Styling Different Looks With Long Skirts

Are you tired of dealing with impromptu Marilyn Monroe moments while wearing short flowy skirts on a windy day? Or do you just feel more comfortable covering up your legs? Maxi skirts are your new wardrobe must-have. They come in various forms, ranging from pleated to bodycon, offering you a wide variety in style. Here are five tips for styling different looks with long skirts.


Paired with some stylish tennis shoes, sandals, or flats, you can create numerous casual outfits with a long skirt. If you want to achieve an easy-going, daily look, you should opt for a high-waisted maxi skirt with a tied t-shirt or graphic tee. The high-waisted skirt and knotted shirt help accentuate your natural curves by creating a tapered look and avoiding a straight-cut appearance that hides your figure. You can also tuck your shirt into your skirt and add a belt by the waist for a similar figure-enhancing effect. Adding a jean jacket for those colder moments and a wide-brimmed sun hat, fedora, or beret further completes your casual outfit.


Boho aesthetics are a modern interpretation of hippie fashion trends. The key to any boho apparel is incorporating lots of patterns, textures, and earthy tones. Embrace your free-spirited side and style a boho fit with a flowy, patterned, or floral long skirt. Cropped shirts with long and flowy sleeves, bright tees, tanks, crochet tops, and lace shirts add to the boho-inspired appearance for the top half of your maxi skirt outfit.


For dreamers, fantasy fanatics, and fairytale enthusiasts, cottagecore is a new trend catering to their ambiance and style. The goal for styling cottagecore is to create looks straight out of a storybook. Tulle, layered, floral, flowy, and prairie maxi skirts set the base to a whimsical outfit. Opting for a long-sleeve collared shirt or sweetheart neckline shirt on the top half best completes the cottagecore look. A tip for styling skirts in this aesthetic is to aim for a look that’s similar in appearance to an old-fashioned corset dress.


Whether you have a date night or a special occasion to attend, knowing how to style a sophisticated look with a long skirt comes in handy. Bodycon skirts exude a more formal and classy look, hugging your natural figure. Pairing your skirt with a tight-fitting top to further accentuate your body shape complements the chic bottom half. Slip-on a pair of heels, and you have an elegant, sophisticated outfit suitable for numerous social events.


Two Cumberland offers numerous women's skirts online that can help you achieve a southern look. Whether a maxi skirt is long and flowy or features drawstring embellishments, with the right added features, there are numerous ways for you to create a southern outfit. Southern-style staples include warm tones, prints, and, of course, boots. You can also adorn your look with a wide-brimmed hat to match the southern aesthetic further.

Now that you know these five tips for styling different looks with long skirts, you can add maxi skirts to your must-have wardrobe list. Compared to other clothes like short skirts, jeans, and joggers, long skirts open the door to new looks to explore. Plus, they make a great skirt alternative for windy days or dress code-enforced occasions.

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