5 Tips for Keeping Your Sneakers Fresh & Clean

5 Tips for Keeping Your Sneakers Fresh & Clean

Sneakers provide you with stylish and practical footwear. They come in various styles and work with a range of outfit options, making them an essential to any shoe colletion. Many choose to wear sneakers more than any other shoe because they offer so much use. However, wearing them constantly puts them through a lot of intense wear and tear. Here are five tips for keeping your sneakers fresh and clean, so you can continue making the most of your beloved shoe.

Enforce a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Like many home maintenance tasks, a regularly scheduled check-up keeps your shoes in top shape. Setting up a consistent sneaker cleaning maintains the quality of your sneakers and prevents them from the damage caused by lingering dirt, debris, and grime. Pro tip: make sure you hand wash your shoes rather than throw them in the washer. Washing your sneakers in the washing machine can cause more harm than good. Hand cleaning offers a more gentle approach.

Add Some Stain Protecting Spray

Prevention outweighs dealing with damages and possible replacement. There are numerous types of shoe protectant sprays available, from stain protection to water resistance. Applying a spray of sneaker-specific sealant on your shoes before you head out reduces the effects of wear and dirt on your footwear.

Store and Ventilate Them Properly

Do you just throw your shoes into the closet? Proper storage makes sure your sneakers don’t get squished and misshapened. Placing them on a rack or in shelving units gives them a secure home to stay in and away from threats of scratching, staining, or deformation. Along with adequate placement, providing ventilation further optimizes your sneaker storage. Regularly airing out your sneakers, or placing a dryer sheet inside each shoe, can keep your sneakers fresh and maintain their quality.

Don’t Skip Out on the Socks

Socks provide more than just a fashion accessory and foot warmth. They control sweat. Wearing socks keeps your sweat from being absorbed in your shoe’s insoles. Instead, the socks absorb the sweat, keeping your sneakers dry and fresh for longer. Going barefoot in enclosed footwear, such as sneakers, increases your chances of trapping smells and dirt. Plus, a pair of socks feels ten times more comfortable.

Dry Them Out With Scrunched Newspaper

If your shoes get wet from excessive sweat, rain, or other liquids, a bit of crumpled newspaper will dry them up. Scrunching up wads of newspaper into your wet sneakers allows the paper to absorb the water. After a period of time, your shoes will be sucked dry. Other absorbents such as shoe powder and towels can also get the job done.

Following these care tips can keep your sneakers fresh and clean and extend the lifespan of your new women’s boutique sneakers from Two Cumberland. Ensure your sneakers last a lifetime by caring for them properly and reap the benefits of quality, stylish footwear for longer. For more tips, and to see our full collection of sneakers, visit our website today!

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