5 Style Tips for Wearing a One-Shoulder Dress

5 Style Tips for Wearing a One-Shoulder Dress

No matter the occasion, one-shoulder dresses make a fashionable outfit choice. They are stylish, sophisticated, and sexy—the three major S’s of fashion. Here are five style tips for wearing a one-shoulder dress to get the most out of these elegant wardrobe pieces.

1. Show Off the Shoulder

The star of the dress is the exposed collarbone and skin. You are supposed to show off the shoulder in this kind of dress, so why try to cover it?

Avoid pairing your dress with a jacket, distracting jewelry, and other styling features that might distract or cover the main event of your one-shoulder dress. To accentuate your shoulder and collarbone even more, dust some highlighter on that area.

2. Style Your Hair in an Updo

Styling your hair in an updo further accentuates the one-shoulder look. It minimizes distractions from the dress’ design, keeping it open and out for display. You can also simply pin back the hair on the off-shoulder side to keep your hair down while still showing off the exposed shoulder.

3. Wear a Strapless or Convertible Bra

When it comes to wearing any garment that shows some skin, certain bras work better than others to give you a seamless, stylish look.

To avoid cluttered and extrusive straps that ruin the flow and appearance of your dress, wear pasties or a strapless or convertible bra. These will keep your shoulders exposed and bring attention to all the right places, highlighting the beauty and sophistication of the semi-halter design.

4. Opt for Delicate Accessorizing

Keep your dress sleek and sophisticated with delicate accessories. Opt for simple, dainty pieces that will add some sparkle without distracting from the dress itself. These could be minimalistic necklaces or elegant earrings and bracelets.

5. Keep It Simple With Solid Colors

One-shoulder dresses exude elegance, combining the right amount of suggestiveness and modesty. Keeping the styling and design of the dress simple further accentuates that sophistication. A one-shoulder dress with prints and lots of colors distracts from the natural, effortless beauty of a one-shoulder design. Plus, simplicity is a key attribute of formal and sleek looks.

So when looking for the best one-shoulder dress to show off, choose one in a solid color. And when it comes to detailing, the most decorative parts of the dress should be the sleeve or the shoulder piece.

Steal the show of any event with a dress that effortlessly makes a statement—the one-shoulder dress. This dress offers a simplicity and a uniqueness that make it a dress fit for any special event. Find the perfect one-shoulder dress with Two Cumberland’s collection of boutique-style dresses, and follow these five style tips for a stylish, sophisticated, and sexy look.

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