5 Modern Ways To Style a Classic White Top

5 Modern Ways To Style a Classic White Top

Classic white tops are key ingredients in every fashionista’s wardrobe. They provide a neutral base that complements many other pieces and offers multiple styling options. Here are five modern ways to style a classic white top and how to make the most of this essential wardrobe item.

1. Modernized Professional

A white button-up produces a naturally professional look on its own. It plays a central role in a business suit and symbolizes professionalism. Pairing the shirt with a blazer and wide-leg pants or paper bag shorts hones in on the business aesthetic the white button-up embodies.

Compared to the traditional professional look of a generic suit, the wide-leg pants and paper bag shorts add a more modern twist, especially when tapered at the waist. Plus, for a business casual rendition, simply switch a white button-up for a plain white tee. Two different types of classic white tops give you alternative ways to achieve a modern professional outfit.

2. Chic With a High-Waist Skirt

High-waisted bottoms produce a slimming effect along the waist and accentuate the hips. Classic white tops, such as button-ups, chemises, or regular t-shirts, often lack any shaping unless you order a size too small. Styling the top with a high-waist skirt gives your look a more distinct figure. Popular skirts to pair with a classic white shirt include flared midis, skaters, and pencil skirts.

3. Casual and Tied

In the modern era, comfort reigns as the ideal way of living. Wearing a loose white top and knotting it on the bottom encapsulates the chilled, go-with-the-flow, casual aesthetic. The tied look adds texture and creates a bohoesque appearance, going against a sleek and professional look. Plus, tying the shirt accentuates your shape and feels better than tucking it into your bottoms.

4. Classic Jeans Combo

Jeans provide lots of texture and bring a nice neutral blue to your outfit. Pairing denim with a white shirt balances out the composition of jeans, providing a complementary pairing that satisfies artistic eyes. This classic combo gives odes to a ’90s Cindy Crawford and the T-Birds from Grease.

5. Layered Undershirt

Layers influence various fashion looks, from academic to preppy aesthetics. They also create warm and practical outfits for the cooler seasons. Button-downs and plain white tees make great bottom layers. Their simplicity works with a wide variety of top layers, textures, colors, and designs.

Classic white tops provide a simple and versatile base, providing numerous modern styling opportunities. Following these style tips allows you to explore different looks and make the most of these wardrobe essentials. At Two Cumberland, we sell a variety of boutique-style tops, including classic whites. Explore our online collection and get all the essentials you need for a stylish modern outfit.

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