3 Strategies To Help Avoid Fashion Fatigue

3 Strategies To Help Avoid Fashion Fatigue

Every artist goes through a period of burnout, pausing their innovation, motivation, and creativity. Writers and painters get a creative block. Fashionistas get fashion fatigue, a period where they no longer put effort into their wardrobe and style bland outfits. There are many causes for this not-so-fashionable burnout, including a shift in priorities, too many or too few outfit decisions, and a disconnect with your clothes. Here are three strategies to help avoid fashion fatigue and keep your passion for fashion ignited.

1. Give Yourself More Time To Style

Styling chic outfits takes time. It’s a creative process that requires attention to many details, from overall cohesion to color and texture options. Fashion fatigue commonly arises because you run out of time to get ready, making the process of styling outfits seem more like an inconvenience than an art form. Many find it easier to just throw on whatever, lowering their love for fashion.

Giving yourself an allocated time to style and plan outfits allows you to enjoy the whole process. It replaces the idea of getting ready as an inconvenience with a more positive outlook. You can view it as a fun ritual or pastime. Make time in your schedule and plan outfits the night before to spend quality time styling looks and keep your interest in fashion alive.

2. Create Personal Styling Challenges

For many people, burnout and fatigue come from under-stimulation. Setting personal style challenges to your getting-ready process adds a new perspective and excitement to the mix. It stimulates your mind, testing your fashion skills. It also gives you goals to try to accomplish, adding meaning and drive to the styling process.

There are many different style challenges to try. Some popular ones include:

  • Pairing an old clothing item with a new one
  • Sticking to specific color restrictions
  • Styling pieces you don’t wear a lot with items you do
  • Recreating outfits from shows or social media

3. Switch Out Your Clothing Selection

Sometimes, you outgrow the clothes in your wardrobe in more ways than just in size. As you grow, most of the time, your interests and personality also shift, changing your style preferences. That purple shirt you used to wear all the time may no longer bring you joy because you’re bored of it, have no more attachments to it, or simply don’t like purple anymore.

Switching out your clothing selection with fresh pieces updates your wardrobe to better match your current style needs. It grants you new items to play around with and gives you the opportunity to whittle down your selection, minimizing the risks of overstimulation when you style clothes.

Keep burnout at bay with these three strategies against fashion fatigue. Dedicating time to getting ready, implementing style challenges, and switching out your wardrobe for a fresh collection amplifies excitement and creativity when styling looks. For some chic new wardrobe items, shop southern women’s clothing online with Two Cumberland.

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