3 Rules for Wearing Leggings Under a Miniskirt in Winter

3 Rules for Wearing Leggings Under a Miniskirt in Winter

As the seasons change, so does your wardrobe. When summer turns to fall, shorts and tank tops retire, making room for sweaters and winter jackets. However, not all warm weather wear needs to disappear. Thanks to leggings, stockings, and tights, your summer bottoms can stick around through winter. A popular cold weather look featuring summer pieces is a miniskirt paired with leggings. It allows you to enjoy the look of a skirt while keeping your legs warm with coverage. When pairing your miniskirts with leggings this winter, here are three rules to keep in mind.

Choose Basic Solid Colors

Although bright hues made their debut as the color trend of 2022, the simpler the color, the better. Choosing tights and leggings with basic, neutral shades, like black, white, or tan, ensures you don’t overwhelm your look. Opting for solid-colored leggings also minimizes outfit clashes, creating a more chic final look. Plus, why wear a miniskirt in winter if you’re going to overshadow its shine?

Avoid Showing Ankles

Unlike in the 16th century, showing ankles is no longer a scandalous event. However, when wearing a miniskirt and leggings in winter, the less skin you show, the more stylish and practical your outfit will be. A pop of skin at the ankle or from the feet breaks the fluidity of the look, especially if you keep the rest of your body covered. Plus, it lets the cold in. Wearing leggings that cover your ankles and toes or pairing your leggings with socks and boots keeps your outfit looking like a cohesive unit and ensures you stay warm.

Minimize Bulkiness

Layering your outfits offers multiple benefits: it keeps you bundled and allows you to feature warm weather wear in the colder seasons. The only downside is that it risks you looking like the Michelin man. Between the sweater and jacket, winter outfits already feature lots of voluminous pieces. Wearing tight-fitted leggings with your miniskirt minimizes bulking up your look further and adds dimension to your outfit, showing a glimpse of your figure.

Skirts add a chic flair to any outfit. They’re cute, confidence-boosting, and comfortable, especially those in our collection of southern skirts. Adding leggings under them in winter allows you to continue rocking chic outfits for the rest of the year. And it keeps your miniskirts in the closet away from seasonal retirement. Create stylish winter outfits with these three rules in mind, and successfully pair your legging with your miniskirts for a cozy winter aesthetic.

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